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Service Tips

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Common Issues on most copiers

Symptom: Lines on copies and scans when using the document feeder, but not when printing from the computer or copying from the glass.

Solution: Clean the narrow strip of glass located under the document feeder.

Symptom: When printing from the computer, you ask in the printer driver to print to a specific tray but it prints to a different tray.

Solution: Programs such as Microsoft Word will over-ride your printer driver, so if the program you are printing from is set for tray 1 and you ask the printer driver to print to tray 2, it will print to tray 1. You must go into: FILE – PAGE SETUP and choose the appropriate tray.

Symptom: Bypass tray is asking for A4 size paper after sending a print job.

Solution: The print job may have been an email sent in a non standard size and the machine knows it doesn’t have that size paper. Put some letter size paper in the bypass tray and the job should print. If the problem continues with subsequent jobs, make sure you are sending the job as letter size and not A4 size.


Symptom: Jamming from tray

Solution: Some models have a dial on the right side of the paper cassette that tell the machine what size paper is in the tray.This dialhas to be set to match the size of paper that is in the tray.Paper jams will occur if there is a mismatch.

Panasonic KX-FLB811 – KXFLB881

Symptom: Faded areas on prints

Solution: Open machine and lift out drum unit to clean the strip of glass that is located beneath, with a soft cloth or tissue.

Symptom:  Fax can’t send or receive

Solution: Push MONITOR button to listen for a dial tone. If there is no dial tone and your fax line cord is plugged in to the machine and the wall, your fax line may be dead.


Symptom:  Faded prints

Solution: Open the cover where the toner is located and look under the cover to see a long black L.E.D. with a white sticker. Clean this with a soft dry cloth or tissue.


Symptoms: Poor out Quality

Solution: Most OkiData printers and MFPs use an LED array to image the drums.These units will collect toner and dust over time.They are located usually in the top cover of the printer unit and can be clean with a soft dry cloth or tissue.